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For all the children
of the World

Introducing Computational thinking

Helping children learn processes involved in formulating a problem and expressing its solution. Regardless of the profession you choose in the future, learn about Computational thinking, it can be applied in any area.

Initiation in Technology

A way to start everyone in technology in a more pedagogical way. With educational Robotics, children learn math, and also learn that they can create their own technologies, giving a different view of the world.

Connection with the hardware

A way to connect the virtual world with the physical, enabling children to become Makers

Robotics for all

The world's cheapest computer controlled robots. This mini computer of 1 dollar, allows creation of infinite of things, being an initiatory tool.

Social business
Inspired by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Muhammad Yunus, this project seeks social impact. Giving opportunities to those who cannot buy a current controller board off the market.
Platform with content for learning robotics and other applications of the board.



Programmable by USB and can be powered too, common communication system


Prepared for inexpensive accessories such as motor controllers, or memory expansions.


It can be configured for many other functions, there is usage in other applications outside the educational system.


Prepared for the internet of things, it supports Wi-Fi expansion, Bluetooth module, becoming an ideal platform for IoT (Internet of Things) of low cost and scalability.


Works with 5v powered by USB connection
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    Workshops Robotics Low cost

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    Workshops Robotics Custom Marvel

    Educational Robotics
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    Course of Workshops for schools

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    Help spread the Movement Maker

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    Robox IoT

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    Mounting children Africa

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    Creative Learning electronics

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    Robox powered by One Dollar Board

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    Kit Robotics Low Cost

Claudio Olmedo
Educational hardware entrepreneur focused on social impact and eager to change the world.




Creation of the project by Cláudio Olmedo. Claudio, give gifts and accumulate 3000 dollars of gifts in workshos and courses, then I create the project so that I can continue to impact, thinking 3000 US = 3000 people started, the project was born in Campus Party, where he was invited to be speaker of the Maker Culture.

1. Prototype

Development of the first design.

Creation of the project by Cláudio Olmedo.

Business model

Important process of business modeling, and proof of concept In the Itaipu Technology Park


Crowdfunding Financing

Funding in Indiegogo, helped to produce the second prototype. Shipping planned for 2017


One of the 5 selected, among more than 500 projects. . Accelerated at the Lemann Foundation, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Institution focused on generating impact on education.

2. Prototype

New model with expansions for Wifi, memory, and motor controllers


Columbia Univercity

Founder Claudio Olmedo was selected to receive entrepreneurship with Steve Blank to work on a business model and prepare to be scalable and more profitable.

MIT (Now)

One of the 8 projects selected by MIT among 180 projects to be supported by the best laboratory in the world in programming and robotics for children (where LEGO Mindstorms, Makey makey, Scratch and others were created). MIT Media Labs, Lifelong Kindergarten

With this project we help give more children a chance to have another vision of hope.

One Dollar Board
10 Tyler Street, Somerville,
Massachusetts, 02143, USA